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PhD Student 100%

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PhD Student 100%


The Paul Scherrer Institute PSI is the largest research centre for natural and engineering sciences within Switzerland. We perform cutting-edge research in the fields of matter and materials, energy and environment and human health. By performing fundamental and applied research, we work on sustainable solutions for major challenges facing society, science and economy. PSI is committed to the training of future generations. Therefore about one quarter of our staff are post-docs, post-graduates or apprentices. Altogether PSI employs 1900 people.

For the Condensed Matter Theory Group at PSI we are looking for a

PhD Student
Non-linear response in localised quantum magnets
Your tasks

This work investigates the emergence of quantum coherent degrees of freedom in complex quantum magnets, and the associated phenomenon of many-body localization i.e. the disorder-induced suppression of thermalisation in a thermodynamically big system, despite interactions. The specific goals of the project are to:

  • Measure non-linear magnetic response (hole-burning) at ultra-low temperatures in the dipolar quantum magnets of the type LiHoxY1-xF4, both in the spin-liquid-like anti-glass regime (x=0.045) and the quantum ferromagnet regime (x=0.44). Goal: characterize the physical degrees of freedom which respond coherently to the non-linear driving.
  • Measure two-particle correlation functions using neutron and X-ray scattering, as a function of temperature and transverse field (quantum fluctuations). Look for witnesses of entanglement in the spin correlation function, and study its dependence on different types of couplings to heat sinks, thus elucidating the microscopic basis for quantum annealing.

This experimental PhD thesis is part of a project combining theory and experiment. Frequent and close exchange with a parallel theoretical thesis focussing on many-body localisation, hole burning and annealing in quantum magnets will be ensured.

Your profile

You hold a Master degree in physics and have particular interest in quantum physics and magnetism. You are an enthusiastic, dedicated researcher and enjoy challenging problems where sophistication in both experiments and mathematical analysis of results is required.

You will be registered as a PhD Student at EPF Lausanne and your main working place will be at the Paul Scherrer Institute in Villigen. Your PhD thesis will be supervised by Prof. Gabriel Aeppli (EPFL, ETH and Head of SYN Division, PSI) and co-supervised by H. Rønnow (EPFL).

We offer

Our institution is based on an interdisciplinary, innovative and dynamic collaboration. You will profit from a systematic training on the job, in addition to personal development possibilities and our pronounced vocational training culture. If you wish to optimally combine work and family life or other personal interests, we are able to support you with our modern employment conditions and the on-site infrastructure.

For further information please contact Dr Christopher Mudry, phone +41 56 310 42 47 or Prof. Gabriel Aeppli, phone +41 56 310 42 32, email: gabriel.aeppli@psi.ch.

Please submit your application online (including addresses of referees) for the position as a PhD Student (index no. 3002-01).

Paul Scherrer Institut Human Resources Management, Nicole Fricker / Mara Kalt, 5232 Villigen PSI, Switzerland

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