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PhD researcher

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PhD researcher

The School of Criminal Justice is looking for a full-time

PhD researcher

Entrée en fonction:01.02.2017 01.02.2017 at the earliestDurée du contrat:31.01.2020 36 monthsTaux d'activité:100Lieu de travail:Université de Lausanne, Ecole des sciences criminelles, Quartier Sorge, Bâtiment Batochime, 1015 LausanneRéférence:Offre n°3985Annonce du:05.10.2016

Description des tâches

PhD Position Summary: The School of Criminal Justice is seeking an aspiring young scientist to start a PhD research project on probabilistic evaluation of comparative handwriting examinations and the use of graphical models (i.e., Bayesian networks) to combine items of evidence (handwriting and DNA microbiome). A Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF) Grant funds this PhD project during a period of 36 months.
Project Summary: The primary objective of this SNSF funded research is to assess evidence and cases involving the results of comparative handwriting examinations. The appointed PhD candidate will work closely with practising forensic handwriting examiners and a post-doc statistician and conduct both fundamental research on probabilistic interpretation in the context of forensic handwriting examination and in-depth case studies. The second major objective of the research is closely related to a sub-project of this funded research that involves exchanges with a Ph.D researcher from the Institute of Microbiology of the University of Lausanne. It is asked to model situations involving multiple items of evidence.
About the School: The School of Criminal Justice (www.unil.ch/esc), with its Institute of Forensic Science (IFS), is affiliated with the Faculty of Law, Criminal Justice and Public Administration of the University of Lausanne (UNIL). The IFS dates back to the legal photography courses taught at the beginning of the 20th Century by Professor Archibald Rodolphe Reiss. It was the world's first academic Forensic Science school and has, today, a longstanding international reputation of excellence for research in forensic science. It offers complete academic education and training in forensic science (at BSc, MSc and PhD level) and is particularly committed to recruiting outstanding PhD researchers.

Profil souhaité

Applicants must have a strong background in science, preferably forensic science, statistics or computer science, with an emphasis on Bayesian inference and data analysis. Knowledge and experience in graphical probability models (i.e. Bayesian networks) and practical skills with the R computer language are also highly welcomed and would be a real advantage. The candidate is expected to show ability to work independently and effectively on a structured schedule in order to meet deadlines and produce the project deliveries in time. Good communication skills (written and oral) and proficiency in English will be additional assets.

Dossier de candidature

Applicants should electronically submit (in a single PDF) a cover letter, curriculum vitae and one reference name to Prof. Franco Taroni (franco.taroni@unil.ch). Deadline for applications is November 10th 2016. The earliest starting date is February 2017. For inquiries and e-mail correspondence, please write to franco.taroni@unil.ch or Raymond.Marquis@unil.ch. The salary for this full-time position, including social security contributions, follows standard SNSF and UNIL regulations (CHF 47'040/EUR 39'000 first year, excl. social security contributions).
Work location: This PhD project is hosted at UNIL's School of Criminal Justice, located at Lausanne-Dorigny, and is supervised by Prof. Franco Taroni. The successful applicant will meet a stimulating and exciting research environment where many other PhD students in different domains pursue their research projects. The applicant will also have the opportunity to participate in the School's unique doctoral program (http://www.unil.ch/esc/doctoral-program) that brings together PhD students of UNIL as well as any PhD student from another university delivering a PhD in forensic science or criminology.


Soucieuse de promouvoir une représentation équitable des femmes et des hommes parmi son personnel, l'Université encourage des candidatures féminines.
Seeking to promote an equitable representation of men and women among its staff, the University encourages applications from women.

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