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DevOps / Systems Engineer

Deep Impact AG

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DevOps / Systems Engineer

What’s the deal?

  • Web software creation! We are currently looking for a highly talented engineer who will play a foundational role in building the next generation of infrastructure automation at our rapidly growing company.

What are our methods, languages, tools, etc?

  • You’re not going to find a lot of dogma at DEEP IMPACT: we use agile and waterfall as needed – no project is the same. We write in statically and dynamically typed as well as compiled and interpreted languages. We run quite a few databases (SQL or No), and don’t limit ourselves to a single framework. We operate classic LAMP VPS instances as well as every AWS Service we can put our hands on. We do however strike a balance between the introduction rate of new tech vs. the need to maintain a stable and productive ecosystem. Here’s a couple of keywords to give you an idea of what we currently enjoy: JavaScript, Node.js, nginx, PHP, Java, Jetty, Clojure, Yada, MySQL, Cassandra, MongoDB, TitanDB, Datomic, DynamoDB, Docker, OpsWorks, Opscode Chef, Ubuntu Linux, bash, zsh, CQRS, DDD, Design Sprint. Two cloud topics we are currently looking at are AWS Kinesis and AWS Lambda.

Who are we looking for?

We expect:

  • For this position, we are specifically looking for an engineer with a heavy-duty focus on cloud services and systems, and how to automate working with them.
  • In contrast to many others, you never frown about using the shell. You actually love being in the guts of it all. You want to create clean systems architectures using advanced cloud services, but are not bored of going all old skool and hammering out some solid bash scripts. Perhaps you even enjoy coding on an app or a build system from time to time? Above all, you are always hungry to learn new skills, to share valuable knowledge, and to build beautiful things!

    Note: due to current legislation, we can unfortunately only hire you if you are a national of one of these countriesor a Swiss resident with at least a B permit. Please know that we find this situation extremely regrettable. If you are interested in working in Switzerland, you can look forward to living in a country which consistently reaches top scores in quality-of-life rankings, and work in a comfortable office with lots of amenities (check out our company page).

About Deep Impact AG

  • We are a young company of 28 women and men who are building online software with an !MPACT. We design, engineer, manage, and write beautiful web projects. We also build our very own products – these products allow us to develop innovative services that will change the web as we know it. We value stability, security, performance, and flexibility. We also love new and shiny. Our technology stack and our architectures reflect this: solid foundations with allowance for lots of experimentation on top.