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PhD-Student in Graphene Nanomaterial Synthesis & Fabrication Control

ETH Zürich

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PhD-Student in Graphene Nanomaterial Synthesis & Fabrication Control


The Professorship of Nanoscience for Energy for Energy Technology and Sustainability at ETH Zurich comprises around 15 interdisciplinary researchers. As the name of its laboratory- Nanoscience for Energy for Energy Technology and Sustainability - represents, research of the group pertains to science and engineering at nanoscale for applications in energy technology and clean technology. It is a research program designed to explore exciting nanoscience and novel nanomaterials and to find out nanotechnology solutions for our global sustainability issues. For a new project we are searching for a

PhD-Student in Graphene Nanomaterial Synthesis & Fabrication Control

Last two decades have seen a phenomenal shift of the dimensionality paradigm in materials processing, from zero-dimensional nanoparticles and quantum dots to one-dimensional nanowires and nanotubes, to two-dimensional (2D) material driven by the emergence of graphene. Recent advances in nanoscale characterization and device fabrication have opened up new opportunities for 2D materials in many applications. A state-of-the-art 2D material is graphene. However, a large-scale synthesis in a controlled way with tailoring structural properties is absent in the current research community. In this project, we are interested in the growth of large area (e.g., square centimeters) graphene thin layers by chemical vapor deposition. Basic understanding of the graphene synthesis mechanism is planned to enable viable products.

We are seeking highly motivated applicants with a strong desire to work on the synthesis of graphene. You should have a master degree either in Chemistry, Mechanical engineering, Physics, Materials science, or Nanotechnology-related area. Experience in syntheses of two-dimensional materials or carbon nanomaterials will be a plus but not a must. You should have experience or taken courses in nanoscience and/or nanoengineering, including at least one of the following areas: (1) chemical vapor deposition of nanomaterials synthesis; (2) SEM/TEM/Raman/AFM/PL experimental characterization; (3) practical skills and demonstrated experience in surface science and nano-technology. You must be able to work independently and also communicate well in English with colleagues from various disciplines. You should have no problem of understanding and writing scientific articles in English.

Entrance upon: immediate hire or Spring 2017

Duration of Appointment: Contract may be renewed on a yearly basis up to completion of Ph.D. thesis.

For further information please contact Ms. Eunjeong Gross by e-mail egross@ethz.ch (no applications) and visit our website www.nets.ethz.ch

Applications with (1) curriculum vitae, (2) work certificates if anything, (3) transcripts during B.S. and M.S., and (4) a "statement of motivation" (equal or less than 2 pages) outlining your research interests and motivation for doing a PhD in the interdisciplinary field of nanoscience, particularly in relation with the current position available, should be sent online until November 5, 2016 with attention to: ETH Zurich, Mr. Ueli Lott, Human Resources, Ch-8092, Zurich.

Applications via E-Mail will not be considered.



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