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Cybercrime and Fraud Prevention Specialist


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Role purpose
• To support the design and implement an anti-cybercrime strategy that mitigates related Information Security risks
• To design, implement and test for adequacy relevant cybercrime measures
• Drive and support cybercrime related investigations, containment and mitigation actions
• To support establishment, maintenance and refreshing a range of effective anti-cybercrime security management methodologies and tools to meet emergent challenges and business goals
• To ensure consistent application of anti-cybercrime security solutions across the Syngenta business to align the business objectives and to quantify business impact

Cybercrime and Fraud Prevention Specialist

• The anti-cybercrime manager is responsible for identifying where possible vulnerabilities in cyber security and business process controls lie.
• She/he stays on top of the methods cyber criminals use to infiltrate information systems and organization to commit criminal acts and uses her/his expertise and knowledge to detect and deter these efforts and propose solutions to counteract such threats.
• By performing her/his daily job duties, the anti-cybercrime manager protects Syngenta from losing information and valuable trade secrets, cyber-enabled fraud as well as the time and money lost when information systems are brought to a halt and risk associated to reputation issues.
• The anti-cybercrime manager accomplish her/his responsibilities through performing risk assessments, designing and implementing security measures on relevant information systems, and services,
• The anti-cybercrime manager establishes or supports implementation of cybersecurity policies and procedures, leads or supports forensic, fraud or corporate security cyber investigations
• She/he uses existing external network made of peers and cyber-security authority representative connections (based possibly on former employment relationship) to build pragmatic, scalable and sustainable anti-cybercrime solutions.
• Running risk assessments and testing data processing systems are additional duties for these professionals.

Knowledge, experience & capabilities

Critical knowledge
• Degree in Management Information Systems or Criminal Law or related.
• Specialist Qualification / Certification in Information or Cyber Security and/or Forensics.
• Fluency in written and spoken English.
• Excellent knowledge of contemporary corporate information security management issues and preferably IT forensic investigative techniques.
• Excellent understanding of the principals of security, threat analysis and risk evaluation.

Critical experience
• Min. 7 years Information Security Management experience.
• Strong cyber security, fraud investigation background both in terms of technology and processes.
• Experience with operating systems and investigation platforms
• Experience leading change and driving improvement.
• Experience of security practices.
• At least 5 years of corporate security experience in an international enterprise or 5-10 years experience in the area of senior level law enforcement, intelligence military or other security related loss prevention areas.

Critical technical, professional and personal capabilities
• Ability to work independently, self-motivated and able to motivate and lead others
• Strong Solution and results driven
• Ability to elevate above the technical complexities and drive towards pragmatic solutions
• Good social and communication skills
• Ability to work well with management of external parties at various levels
• Good command of English both written and verbal.
• Technical/professional Knowledge and skills
• Ability to communicate technical issues in business/risk terms
• Build relationships and networks with people within and outside of the organization
• Flexible, adaptable and open minded
• Pragmatic, goal oriented

Critical leadership capabilities
• Sets ambitions strategic goals
• Focuses on customers
• Manages for performance
• Collaborates across boundaries

Critical success factors & key challenges
• Development of a holistic yet pragmatic cybercrime detection and prevention strategy
• Capability in effectively working with technical, legal and business counterparts
• Ability to deliver results in a pragmatic way
• Build trust in senior management that gains support for the anti-cybercrime program

Employee may, as part of his/her role and maybe through multifunctional teams, participate in the creation and design of innovative solutions. In this context, Employee may contribute to inventions, designs, other work product, including know-how, copyrights, software, innovations, solutions, and other intellectual assets.

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