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Digital DevOps Engineer


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Place : Geneva

Start : Negociable

Contract : Permanent avec Edelway

Swiss Work Permit: B more than 3 years


Digital DevOps Engineer

Place : Geneva

Start : Negociable

Contract : Permanent avec Edelway

Swiss Work Permit: B more than 3 years




To build  and  maintain  the  software  products  provided  to  the bank’s  customers,  including  independent  Asset  Managers,  Funds  Managers,  Family  Offices, and  Private  Clients.  We  put  a  strong  focus  on  user  experience,  agility,  and  operational excellence to deliver innovative and cost-effective solutions.


We are looking for  a passionate DevOps  Engineer  who can  help  us  deliver  software products faster  and  more  reliably.  The  DevOps  Engineer  works  closely  with  the  Product  Managers, Architects and Software Engineers to make sure our digital platform is running smoothly and allows  us  to  quickly  respond  to  issues  as  they  arise  ;  s/he  also  ensures  that  developers  are focused  on  delivering  new  features    not  fixing  bugs.  This  is  a  key  role  we  rely  on  to continuously deliver strategic, customer-facing solutions.


As  the  perfect  candidate  for  this  role,  you  are  passionate  about  technology,  with  a  deep

interest  in  reliability  and  automation.  You  will  use  your  strong  engineering  skills  to  prevent production  problems.  While  making  customer  experience  your  number  one  priority,  you  will use  your  fast  problem  solving  skills  to  fix  any  unanticipated  issues.  You  will  have  the opportunity  to  work  on  state-of-the-art  technology  with  a  team  of  demanding  professionals where  your  expertise  and  interpersonal  skills  will  be  greatly  valued  and  continuously developed.



• Promote code out  of our Software Factory  to production, with  the goal  of automating every

part of the process without making any compromise on the quality of the delivered solution.

  Setup  state-of-the-art  analytics  and  monitoring  capabilities,  providing  both  prescriptive

and predictive insights.

• Diagnose production  issues,  perform  root  cause analysis  and work with  all members  of  the cross-functional team to propose solutions.

  Provide  specifications  and  code  reproducers  so  that  Software  Engineers  can  write  bug


• Provide continuous guidance to Software Engineers around operational challenges, such as

reliability  and  manageability,  making  sure  that  software  implementations  are  productionproof.

  Design  and  write  code  for  infrastructure,  Quality  Assurance,  configuration,  or  security


• Promote data-driven decision making and identify the metrics that matter.




            Master’s degree in technology or equivalent.

            Strong software engineering knowledge and expertise; strong advocate of automation, infrastructure as code and XaaS.

            Vast experience with JVM technologies, features and constraints.

            Experience with microservices and APIs.

            Knowledge of containers and orchestrators; Docker and Kubernetes: a plus.

            Interest in finance; good financial knowledge: an advantage.

            Hands-on experience with agile methodologies.

            Capacity to work independently, excellent organization skills and attention to details.

            Open-mindedness and team spirit.

            Excellent spoken and written communication skills in both French and English.


If this sounds like your next challenge could you please send me your updated CV at jeremy.rocco@akka.eu and I will call you to discuss it in more details.

Alternatively, if you think this position could benefit someone you know, please do not hesitate to fwd it and cc.



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