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Master's thesis Automatic testing in the field of financial messaging

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Master's thesis Automatic testing in the field of financial messaging

In order to efficiently integrate different systems in the domain of financial messaging, Incentage features a high level, domain specific language to describe the transformations from input message formats to output message formats. This transformation is described in a so called "Rules Repository". This repository contains a set of message types, and each message type is described in terms of its input fields, output fields, and a sequence of transformation rules for each field.

To test the correctness of these repositories, it's beneficial to have a set of input messages for which all transformation steps have been executed at least once. To create this set of input messages automatically, it is necessary to use a constraint solver that computes the input, based on the set of rules. This idea can be compared to automatic generation of test suites for OO Lanuges, like Pex (see > http://research.microsoft.com/en-us/projects/pex/)

Your goal is to design, implement, and integrate a test-data generator, which provides a fast and reliable way of generating a complete set of test-data for a given rules repository.

  • Place of work: Incentage AG, CH-8320 Fehraltorf
  • Supervision: Dr. Hermann Lehner, Incentage AG
  • ETH Contact: Prof. Dr. Peter Mueller, Chair of Programming Methodology

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