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Erlang Specialist

Nomoko AG

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Erlang Specialist


Zurich (Switzerland)

At Nomoko, we use Erlang extensively to distribute and coordinate 3D reconstruction tasks across machines. Currently, we’re transitioning away from a monolithic reconstruction system to a micro service
task-oriented pipeline. We’re looking for distributed-systems engineers to aid in the process of creating a completely peer-to-peer, fault-tolerant reconstructive system. At this role, you’ll be at the intersection of working in C
++/ C and Erlang, transitioning away from a purely single-machine architecture to a load-balancing, cloud-oriented reconstructive process.

If this sounds exciting for you, please apply!


/ Create Erlang to CUDA bindings for structure from motion (SfM) code

/ Developing Dynamo style task querying distributed system

Core Skills

/  Have worked within Erlang / Elixir extensively

/ Fluent in English

/ Have used the Erlang OTP extensively throughout a mid-sized
> 1000LOC) project

/ Understand the basic principles and architectures used in the
OTP (gen
_ server, gen _ event, etc.)

/ Can create highly deterministic programs

/ Understands commonly used brokering practices

/ Can understand and read / write C / C ++ for binding
Erlang to C
/ C ++

/ Understands common computer vision algorithms and practices
related to structure-from-motion (feature detection, description,
matching, etc)

/ Fluent in English

Advantageous Skills

/ Worked with computer vision libraries in the past (e.g.: OpenCV)

/ General understandings of classical optics

Technology Used

/ Risk CS / Stanchion

/ In-house RPC Map / Reduce system

/ Poolboy

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